Acupressure massage therapy stimulates and activates the body's own energies to help fight illness and restore harmony. Some of the Acupressure points are significant as they relate to a specific part of the body while others are more general in their effect. Various ailments such as tension and stress, aches and pains, arthritis or menstrual cramps can be alleviated. Acupressure can also be used for general preventative health care.


1: Is Acupuncture useful for curing my cold and cough? 

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can be an effective complement to your treatment. Acupuncture redirects your Chi or vital energy into a more balanced flow. It provides support to the underlying energetic spheres affected by poor digestion and lack of movement. Acupuncture releases tension in the muscles. This allows increased flow of blood, lymph, and nerve impulses to affected areas, decreasing the stress experienced by you.

2: Can Acupuncture help my smoke addiction?


From the results of clinical and basic research, there is clear evidence that acupuncture analgesia is closely associated with the nervous system, especially the central nervous system.

Stimulation of certain acupuncture loci which have been used for analgesia during operations also can calm the withdrawal symptoms of morphine and heroin addicts. Acupuncture analgesia can be antagonized by the specific narcotic antagonist, naloxone. Stimulation would also have agonist activity on opiate receptors. Moreover, the morphine receptors are most concentrated in those parts of the brain concerned with perception of pain and the pathway of acupuncture stimulation.

3: Does Acupuncture for Weight Loss Work?

Yes, acupuncture can be a wonderful support to the process of losing weight, or making other behavioural changes; and, at the same time, it creates balance and harmony in the whole person. Acupuncture is not, however, a magic bullet. If there were a single acupuncture point for weight loss or smoking cessation, acupuncturists would be millionaires!

4. Are the needles reused?

Acupuncturists today use sterilized, individually packaged, disposable needles to 

avoid the possibility of transmitting communicable diseases.